Palio, history and traditions


Siena is a city closely tied to its centuries-old history and its traditions.

And we are not just talking about the Palio, which has ancient origins (the first Palio with horses in Piazza del Campo dates back to sevententh century and has since continued with uninterrupted continuity) and is not a manifestation exhumed and organized just for tourism, but it represents the life itself of the people of Siena.

The connection with the ancient Republic of Siena, which endured until 1559, is still alive and strong, as evidenced by the Procession of the Ceri (candles) and Censi (it has been reported already in the twelfth century) that on the 14th of August pays homage at the Cathedral to Maria Santissima Assunta, patron and Queen of Siena and its former State.

Or the celebrations related to Santa Caterina da Siena, patroness of Italy and Europe, or the traditional and popular celebrations of San Giuseppe and Santa Lucia.