Art & Painting

Cathedral, Civic Museum, Pinacoteca nazionale, Museo of the Opera del Duomo and the Santa Maria della Scala museum complex are the places where the major masterpieces of Sienese art are gathered, works of artists who have written fundamental pages of art history throughout the ages. 

In addition to presenting the profile of each of them, we propose to you three itineraries to discover Sienese art, taking as inspiration food and cuisine, permanent legacy of what was the year of the Expo Milano 2015 dedicated precisely to “feed the world”.

Undisputed masterpieces, known worldwide exclusively from a historical and artistic standpoint, become here an unprecedented key (and an opportunity to visit with different eyes the museums of the city) to find out how the objects used for the table and foods reflect the eating habits of the different ages, in public situations, as well as in the particular and private circumstances. That is, a sort of ideal itinerary of food from farm to fork, from production to sale.

A new perspective on these artworks, to enter the kitchens and refectories and see the dishes and utensils of the time, the table settings used, the foods that were consumed.

You can do it on your own or with a qualified tourist guide for a more thorough knowledge of the city.