Siena Jazz
A national point of reference for education, improvement and high qualification

Siena Jazz is a cultural non-profit institution, born as an Association the 9th of September, 1977, and it became in 2005 the ”Siena Jazz - Nationla Academy of Jazz”.

It has always been committed to the promotion, dissemination and teaching of jazz music and its numerous quality contemporary derivations and it has been recognized for years as a qualified educational institution and a national point of reference for improvement, high qualification, professional education and the promotion of young, newly-graduated musicians or neo-professionals of jazz and its contemporary derivations.

Siena Jazz promotes youth Italian jazz in Europe and in the world and it is among the first associates of the I.A.S.J. - International Association of Schools of Jazz, an association with headquarters in the Netherlands (The Hague), which includes the most important jazz schools in the world.

The operating offices are in the historical Fortezza Medicea, with 20 modernly equipped classrooms for teaching and with a sound archive, a library and a laboratory that constitute the National Centre for Studies on Jazz “Arrigo Polillo”.

Between July and August there are the summer seminars - with many events open to the public - in which students from all five continents meet at the Seminars of Siena and discover their affinities, they learn about each other and play together, sharing the passion and love for this music.


Fortezza Medicea 10

I-53100 Siena

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