Orti dei Tolomei
Ideal place to take a break in the nature

The Orti dei Tolomei (Tolomei Gardens) are an authentic piece of countryside in the middle of the city ,with olive and fruit trees. 

A green space among the most peaceful of the city, right above the covered parking area “Il Campo”, and it is in fact very popular among the Sienese people, students, and tourists throughout the year.

During the summer, it is also a place of concerts and movie shows, but it offers a very beautiful view of the city and countryside during every season and ensures the calm needed for reading, listening to music, taking a lunch break, or taking the children to play.

The gardens are home to the travertine sculpture The Drop by Tony Cragg, which was immediately dubbed “the pear” by the Sienese, and it is now known by this name.


Via Pier Andrea Mattioli

I-53100 Siena